PPG Commercial Coatings Paint System

To meet our demand for high quality when it comes to paint, we choose products that are backed by the renowned service of on the world’s most respected names in the coatings industry – PPG. Our paint system was developed with our supplier in order to provide our customers a sound system that helps to ensure the longevity of our products. The following information outlines our current paint system developed in unison with PPG. We highly recommend following the same paint process when you receive your aftermarket hood.

Note: Jones Performance Required that all hoods are pre-fitted prior to painting. All hoods must also be primed or sealed prior to painting.

Preparation Procedure for Priming a Gel Coated Hood

  1. Wash hood with hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry entire surface.
  2. Clean hood with approved solvent base and water base cleaners to remove any other types of contamination that may be present. Never allow cleaners to dry on the surface. Always use a lint free cloth to remove cleaners. (Product selection may vary depending on local V.O.C. Regulations)
  3. Entire hood must be sanded with 220 or 320 grit sand paper prior to application of primer. (The use of scuff pads for surface preparation is not recommended)
  4. Remove sanding dust with clean dry compressed air and reclean entire surface using the process mapped out in step #2.
  5. Using a tack cloth to wipe entire surface to remove any lint or dust.
  6. Prime hood with a quality catalyzed primer.

Caution: Wear eye and skin protection including solvent resistant gloves and safety glasses while using surface cleaning products. Use with adequate ventilation. Observe all label and MSDS precautions.

Jones Performance recommends PPG Delfleet Evolution Paint System.

PPG Delfleet products can be found by contacting a PPG distributor. To locate a distributor or products, go to or call 1.800.647.6050.

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