Truck Hood Buying Guide

Buying a Jones Performance Truck Hood? What You Need to Know!

What you need to know when buying a truck hood

If you have never purchased a class 6 through 8 truck hood from Jones Performance Products before, it can be a difficult task if you are not prepared with the right information. We know it can be challenging for new customers at times, and with this guide we will point out what to expect in each phase. The “Truck Hood Buying Guide” covers the following topics:

  • Selecting the correct truck hood;
  • Importance of an OEM Number;
  • Shipping requirements;
  • Receiving your new truck hood;
  • Handling the hood; and
  • Preparing the hood for the truck

We strongly encourage anyone who has never bought a truck hood from Jones Performance Products to read through the buying guide. It will save you time, aggravation, and possibly money. We want to make your hood buying experience as easy as possible. So be prepared by downloading our Truck Hood Buying Guide today!

Download the “Truck Hood Buying Guide” Now!

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