Question and Answer

General Questions

  • What does BBC stand for?
    Bumper to Back of Cab is the overall measurement of the truck from the front of the truck to the back of the cab.
  • I am a Canadian customer, and I want to know if your prices on your website are in US dollars?
    All prices on our website are in US dollars, and orders need to be paid in US funds.
  • I am from insert country here and I wanted to know if I can order products on your website, and have them shipped here?
    We are able to ship to other countries, and orders will be reviewed for approval on an individual basis. You will need to call our sales team to place and ship an order. You might also need to get a customs broker to take care of any paper work required by your country. Having a customs broker applies more to our bigger products like hoods and bumpers.

Truck Hoods

  • How do you measure the hood length?
    You can get the length of the hood by placing a measuring tape at the back of the hood cowl down the center of the hood, to the front of the hood where it dips 90deg.
  • How to get the OEM part number for my hood?
    To obtain the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) number you will first need the VIN number for the truck. Then call a truck dealer, give them your VIN, and they can provide the OEM number for the hood you will need.
  • Do I need to paint the hood, or can I place it on the truck and go?
    It is possible to place the hood on the truck without painting it. But over time it will fade and get chalky. So it is recommended that you sand the gel coat, prime and paint the hood first before bolting it on the truck.
  • How do I go about returning a hood?
    To return a hood, you must first contact us at 1-800-451-1600 Ext. 211 so we can schedule the return. Hood returns can be subject to a 20% restocking fee, plus shipping costs.
  • What are your truck hoods made from?
    Our truck hoods are molded with a high grade of polyester resin selected for durability and cosmetics.
  • Are you currently making custom hoods other than your Truk-Rodz hoods?
    At this time we are not doing any individual custom designed hoods.
  • What is the difference between our economy and regular truck hoods?
    There are two main differences between the economy and regular hood.

    • The lip around the nose and wheel openings has been removed from the economy hood due to the strength of our hoods. The lips are not necessary but kept on the regular hoods to keep them similar to the OE hood. Thus saving money by not having to using a separate mold for the lip and over spray of fiberglass to create the lip.
    • Once the inner structure is placed in the hood, the regular hood is applied with a 2nd layer of fiberglass on the entire inside. The economy hoods get a 2nd layer of fiberglass only on the high stress areas.

Both still come with a 2 year warranty against inner structure failures.
Sales for the economy hood are as strong as the regular hood.

  • When should I use a regular or economy hood?
    Our Regular hoods are best used for off road, farm, cool mine usage, heavy duty truck usage.
    Our Economy hoods are best for on road, or light off road usage.


  • How to identify if it is a Jones Performance fender?
    We laminate the part number and name of the fender onto the middle of fender liner.
  • How do I know which custom fenders will work on my truck?
    The easiest way to tell if a custom Peterbilt fender will work on your truck is by the hood OEM number. You will fist need to get the OEM number from the dealer. Once you get it, visit our website to find the Peterbilt hood that matches your OEM number. Each product details page has associated parts listed at the bottom of the page. We list all compatible fenders that will work for that hood.
  • How do I attach a custom fender to the truck?
    To properly attach the fender to the truck, you will 1st need to clamp the fender to the hood. Then drill from the inside out following the bolt pattern for your particular truck hood.
  • I want to replace just one fender, will the Jones Performance Products standard replacement JP-P35 fender work on my truck?
    Our standard replacement fender will work on your truck, but it will look a little different from the OE fender.
  • What does Raptor mean in the product names?
    Raptor or Raptor Fenders is a term we use to describe our fenders that rap around the tire.


  • Can I place an order on your website, and pick it up at your location?
    Yes, you can order your products from our website and pick them up at our location. Keep in mind that if you live in a different state and want to pick up the order in Pennsylvania, a 6% sales state taxes will apply if you do not have a tax exempt form.
  • If I pick up the hood at your location, what will I need to bring?
    Our truck hoods come in different sizes, and depending on the hood that you buy will determine the size truck you will need. If you have any questions on what size truck you will need, please contact us 1-800-451-1600, and we will help you figure it out. You will also need to bring ratchet straps or tie downs to keep the hood in place.
  • When I place an order for a hood, fender or bumper on your website, can I shipping my order to a different address?
    You are able to have your hood or bumper shipped to the place that is going to work on your truck. As long as it is a commercially zoned address. Non-Commercially zoned addresses will be subject to additional shipping cost.
  • Do I need to be present when my order arrives?
    If you order a product that has to be shipped by a freight carrier, then you will need to be present for the deliver of your order. You will also need to check for damages before signing for the shipment. If the order is shipped by UPS or FedEx, then you do not have to be present for delivery.
  • How long does it take to ship a hood?
    If the order is placed before noon, we can typically get a hood shipped out the same day. If not, it will most likely be shipped out the next business day. Once the hood is in the care of the shipper, we do not have control how long it takes to get there. In certain situations, if the hood has been stranded for a long period of time at a carrier location, we may be able to contact the shipper, and get it moving along.
  • Do we ship orders to Canada?
    We are able to ship orders to Canada, if the parts are shipped through UPS. At this time we cannot take hood, fender or bumper orders from our Canadian customers through our website.
  • Can we ship hood, fender, and bumper orders to Canada?
    We are able to ship to Canada, but you will have to call our sales team to order a hood, fender or bumper. At this time we cannot take orders that are shipped by a freight company through our website. Our hoods and bumpers are subject to customs, and you will need a customs broker to process your shipment at the border.

  • I live in the Caribbean Islands, Central or South America. How do I go about ordering your products and shipping it to my country?
    We have a partnership with Miami Star for ordering and shipping our products to these locations. To contact Miami Stars export services, email them at


  • How do you determine which bumper will work on my truck?
    You can determine which bumper you need by matching the OEM number to the bumper. Unfortunately, we do not have OEM numbers for Valley Chrome bumpers. Therefore, the best way to tell if a VC bumper will work for your truck is by matching up the bolt patterns, checking the dimensions, and cut out holes. If you have any further questions please call 1-800-451-1600 and one of our sales team will help you.
  • I want to purchase a bumper that you do not regularly stock, how do I go about purchasing one?
    On our website there are some bumpers that we do not stock on a regular basis. You are still able to order the bumper on our website, but it may be subject to a single order fee, and additional shipping costs if it is drop shipped from their facility. If you are able to wait six to eight weeks to get it, we can have the bumper shipped with our regular bumper shipment without any additional fees.
  • How long does it take to ship my bumper if it is a non-stocking bumper?
    If the manufacturer has the bumper already made, it typically takes about two to three weeks to get it shipped to you. If the bumper has to me made, than you should expect at least six to eight weeks before it is at your door.
  • What is the warranty on Valley Chrome bumpers?
    VALLEY CHROME PLATING, INC. extends a warranty against rusting or peeling of the polished chrome plated surfaces for a period of one year. The bumper is warranted for one year against defects in materials or workmanship. Full details

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