Shipping Dimensions

Below is a list of shipping dimensions for each of our commonly used shipping methods.

Shipments to Canada require a box and heat treated wood pallet.
Hoods shipped with Central Transportation requires a pallet with side kit. Add an extra 125 lbs to standard hood shipping weight.
Additional parts added to hood orders will add extra weight, and may require a larger box to ship the entire order.

To view our list of shipping weights for each hood, click here.

SS-MB – Medium Box

One 48″x 95″ pallet, one medium box, one 46″ x 95″ cardboard pad, and one cardboard lid.

SS-MB - Medium Box

SS-SB – Super Box

One 67″x 95″ pallet, one super box, two 46″ x 95″ cardboard pads, and one large cardboard lid.

SS-SB Super Box


SS-MPSK – Medium Pallet with Side Kit.

One 52″ x 100″ pallet, one medium side kit, 1 cardboard pad, 1 pc. 48″ x 48″ OSB board.

SS-MPSK Medium Pallet Skid


SS-SPSK – Super Pallet with Side Kit

One 70″ x 100″ pallet, one super side kit, 1 Cardboard pad, 1 pc. 48″ x 65″ OSB board.

SS-SPSK Super Pallet Skit


SS-BSK – Bumper skid

96” x 27″ wood skid

SS-BSK Bumper Skid


SS-FSK – Fender Skid

70” x 39” wood skid and box

SS-FSK Fender skid


SS-Rap – Raptor Create

One 100″ x 86″ crate, 1 Cardboard pad, one 48″ x 82” OSB board.

SS-RAP Raptor create



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